Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PlayStation 3 Error 8001050F Fixed: All Is Well Again

PlayStation 3 Error 8001050FFebruary 28th, 2010 is a day that may very well go down in infamy as the biggest system blackout in video game history. Such is the way of Error 8001050F. This error is more specifically an error in the internal settings of the PlayStation 3 which severely crippled certain consoles. The extent of the error denied PS3 users to play any games and also reset the system internal clocks to 12-31-99. But the worse part is that all Trophies players earned before syncing were lost and even corrupted in other cases.

The systems that were affected were only the older PS3 "Fats" and even not all of them were affected, but a majority were. The new PS3 Slims all seemed to be running properly. When asked what happened, Sony stated that there was a bug in the "clock functionality incorporated in the system." This just meant that all the internal clocks reset themselves to 12-31-99 which caused a ton of nasty problems which included the inability to log into the PlayStation Network.

All that was happening last Sunday night. As of yesterday, it seems that the problem has been entirely fixed. What happened you may ask? Did you have to download a patch or send your console into Sony to get repaired? No. It seems that everything just miraculously went back to normal all on its own. It seems that Trophies are no longer corrupt however, any Trophies that had been corrupted are now blanked out. Specifically, if you didn't sync your Trophies before Error 8001050F struck then you are out of luck.

This isn't the first sighting of a PS3 problem. Back in January, PS3 users experienced multiple PS3 update problems with the 3.10 and 3.15 firmware updates for the console. These problems caused consoles to freeze while booting a game and then when restarted, the consoles Blu-ray drive would not read any discs at all. But it seems that, unlike Microsoft, Sony has worked hard and fast on getting their problems fixed and almost all PS3 owners are gaming as usual.

Source: G4TV

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