Friday, March 19, 2010

PlayStation Move or More Like Wii HD?

PlayStation MoveWhen Sony unveiled the first details about their new motion controller, many people simply thought "Oh so its Wii HD" and it isn't too surprising why people thought that. While it may seem like an insult to some, the fact that Sony's motion controller is being called Wii HD may be a very good thing for publishers, developers and gamers alike.

Sony has an extremely great opportunity, one that Nintendo failed to capitalize on, and that is the market of hardcore gamers. Gamers have been begging for a long time to see more hardcore games on the Wii but whenever one does come out, people pass it over sending the message of "stop making these games" to developers. But now, thanks to Sony and their new motion controller, the new message might be "stop making these games.....for Wii."

Gamers on the 360 and PS3 tend to pick up and accept hard-core games on these systems. They also have a tendency to bounce between games more regularly. If you look at the sales charts for the Wii, you will notice that there is always the same 5 types of games. That is because those games are the ones people tend to buy and play continuously on the Wii. Party games like Mario Party and all the Wii Sports games are the primary appeal of Wii gamers. That, fortunately, is not the case for the 360 and PS3.

The problem with Nintendo is a perception problem that prevents their third-party developers from having success with adult-oriented games. On the other hand, Sony has the exact opposite problem. PlayStation Move will be coming to an audience already used to the onslaught of hardcore games and Sony needs to get Move to the people. Sony also face's the problem of convincing their user base that they need the Move rather than the Move being another peripheral or add-on.

One good thing is that even if Move is essentially Wii HD, it does give game makers another outlet for their projects. No more relying on the notably picky and unpredictable Wii gamer to grab your new motion controlled game. One big question is whether or not Move should target the hardcore gamers. Wii was a success due to the casual gamer, not the hardcore. But that is a different discussion entirely.

From what we can tell, Nintendo doesn't really seem interested in Wii HD anymore and Microsoft has completely thrown their motion controller idea straight out the window (not Natal, that's a different story). It seems only fair that Sony be able to give it a shot, especially considering that many gamers have been begging for it. Whether this idea is going to work or not is still up in the air. I guess we have a lot to look forward to the next couple of months.

Source: Gizmodo

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