Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nintendo's 3DS Release Date Pushed Back

nintendo 3ds
Nintendo disappointed many children with the announcement that they made Wednesday. Their 3DS will not be available by the holiday season for Japan. When they first introduced their 3DS portable gaming system to the world at E3 back in June, Nintendo said that they would be releasing the device to the United States in March 2011, but that they would release the 3DS to its native Japan for the holidays. Now they are saying that this simply is not possible.

Due to this disappointing news, Nintendo's stock has dropped 9.34 percent in the Osaka Securities Exchange. Now I thought that this news would make a difference to the company’s numbers but not an almost ten percent drop!

The Nintendo 3DS has been highly anticipated since its announcement. A mobile device that utilizes 3D technology without the need for 3D glasses, now that’s something to talk about. The tech community was in awe after several demonstrations following Nintendo’s announcement. It was the week after the demonstrations that Nintendo publicized their release dates for the device.

Nintendo told the press Wednesday that Japan would unfortunately not be seeing the device until February 2011. This means that Nintendo will not have any kind of blockbuster device being released for the holiday season. That most likely means that holiday gaming sales will be dominated by Sony’s Playstation Move and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect. Motion-based gaming is expanding to all game systems this year and is set to be a hit. Unfortunately for Nintendo, they will not have a new product to offer for the 2010 holiday season, but I’m sure that many people will still patiently wait with great anticipation for the release of the 3DS, even if they won’t be seeing it under their tree this year.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halo: Reach Disk Read Error and Freezing Explanation

Halo: ReachImagine you are running through a multiplayer map of Halo: Reach. You just started a game of SWAT, and you are eagerly pursuing your opponent trying to get that oh so satisfying "First Strike" medal and BOOM! Your game freezes. As your team goes on to battle the enemy, you are left with the utter feeling of an Epic Fail as you sit dumbfounded at why this brand new game has suddenly crashed.

If this sounds like you, then you aren't alone. Multiple reports have come in from all over about freezing and disk read errors with Bungie's latest time sucking megahit Halo: Reach. I don't know about you, but nothing frustrates me more than freezing and disk read errors, especially considering that my last Xbox 360 did those very two things quite frequently and at inconvenient times for me.

So, what exactly is happening with probably the most played game at the moment? From information given by users of Bungie's Halo: Reach message boards the problems of freezing and disk read errors seem to be primarily on first generation launch Xbox 360s, specifically those with 20GB hard drives, although a small percentage of Elite owners have also experienced problems.

When Microsoft was contacted for an explanation, they gave an official statement. "We are aware of a very small number of customers reporting that their copy of Halo: Reach is causing a 'disc read' error. Those affected should contact Microsoft customer support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269) for troubleshooting assistance."

Aside from this major flaw, the only other issues reported have been minor, like disappearing avatars, dropped multiplayer games, inexplicable checkpoint placement and the like, nothing too game killing. Halo:Reach was the most anticipated of all the Halo games and is said to be Bungie's last Halo game. While any problem with a new game is bad, this one doesn't seem to be a game killer.

Source: G4TV
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

PS3 3D-Enabling Update

ps3 3d-enabling updateSony has announced that the Playstation 3 will receive 3D capabilities via a firmware update. This announcement was just made by Sony at the Tokyo Games Show 2010 and was confirmed on the European Sony Playstation blog.

James Gallagher, the Sony blog manager, wrote, “It has just been revealed at the Tokyo Game Show SCEI SCEJ media briefing press conference that PlayStation 3 will support 3D Blu-ray 3D Disc playback from 21 September 2010, through system software update 3.50, allowing you to watch movies in stunning stereoscopic 3D.”

Sony is making the switch to 3D on the PS3 so easy. It will be an update just like all of the other updates that the PS3 undergoes. If you own a 3DTV, you will instantly be able to watch 3D movies through your game system, and not only will you be able to watch movies, but also there are certain games on the PS3 that support stereoscopic 3D gaming.

Gallagher states, “PlayStation 3 already supports stereoscopic 3D gaming with games such as MotorStorm 3D Rift, WipEout HD and SuperStardust HD available now and upcoming titles such as Killzone 3 and MotorStorm Apocalypse set to take advantage of this immersive new technology. 3D Blu-ray 3D Disc playback, in addition to stereoscopic 3D gaming and stereoscopic photo support, add up to the…total 3D package for PS3 owners."

3D technology is starting to be seen everywhere. It is a novelty that fascinates many. With the upcoming 2010 holiday season I expect to see 3D technology take off even more. There are new 3DTVs popping up every day. If you’re looking to make the switch to 3D, check out Panasonic’s new line of 3DTVs.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Halo Reach is Finally Here

halo reach now availableFinally, the highly anticipated game, Halo: Reach, is being released at midnight tonight! Bungie’s first-person shooter Halo games have been smash hits, and Halo: Reach is set to be the best of the bunch. Corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios stated, “With Halo: Reach we're delivering on our promise to redefine blockbuster entertainment experiences and ultimately help make this year the biggest ever in Xbox history.”

Tens of thousands of retailers will be ready to supply fans with their copies of the game at exactly midnight. There will be three different packages that will be sold in stores: the $59.99 Halo: Reach Standard Edition, which is simply the game; the $79.99 Halo: Reach Limited Edition, which is the game encased in a black ONI box, exclusive armor set, and an artifact bag; and the $149.99 Halo: Reach Legendary Edition, which is everything from the Limited Edition package plus a McFarlen Toys Noble Team statue, UNSC-themed packing, and exclusive Spartan armor effects.

If you’re a Halo fan, then I’m sure that you’ve already pre-ordered your copy of Halo: Reach, but if not, then you can run out and grab your copy. This game is sure to be a winner, so you will definitely want to check it out. Pick up your copy at any video game store.

Is Halo: Reach not your kind of game? Check out the top video games of 2010.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sony Playstation “Moving” Into Motion-Based Gaming

sony playstation moveNintendo’s Wii introduced the world to motion-based gaming in 2006. The Wii was and continues to be a huge success. Due to the popularity of the Wii, Sony and Microsoft obviously wished to offer some sort of motion-based technology for their systems as well. Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect will not be available until sometime in November, but Sony will start selling their Playstation Move PS3 add-on September 19th.

So how does the add-on package work you may ask? Well, for Playstation Move to work you need two different parts: the Playstation Eye camera and a wireless, Bluetooth enabled controller. The wand looks very much like the Nintendo Wiimote with an illuminated bulb attached to the top.

There are several packages that Nintendo is offering. For those who don’t have a PS3 yet, there is a Sports Champion Move bundle for $399.99. This package contains a PS3 console, a Playstation Move controller, a Playstation Eye camera, a Move demo disk, and a copy of Sports Champion. For those who already have a PS3, there is a package that consists of everything in the Sports Champion Move except the console. That bundle costs $99.99. There is also buy a single Move Motion Controller by itself for $49.99.

Sports Champion Move is PS3 equivalent to Wii Sports. This game includes: archery, beach volleyball, bocce, disc golf, gladiator duel, and table tennis. The motion-based gameplay is very much like that of the Wii. You use the controller in pretty much the same way, and gameplay is very smooth.

Right now there aren’t tons of Move-enabled games, but Sony promises that more than two dozen Move-enabled games will be available by this holiday season. Some of these games will include: EyePet (a virtual interactive pet), NBA 2K11, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, and The Fight: Lights Out (a motion-controlled brawler). It is said that most Move games will be around the same price of regular PS3 games.

So overall, how is the Playstation Move? Well, Sony did exactly what they wanted to do. They have entered the world of motion-based gaming, and they have created a very accurate motion control. It is a little pricey to make this leap to motion gaming, but if it’s the type of gaming that you enjoy, PS3’s Move is perfect for you. It will be interesting to see what type of titles Sony decides to release with Move-enabled on them. I think that Playstation Move is almost guaranteed to be a success.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The GPod: Gaming Made Easier on the iPhone

the gpodNot long ago, Android released the GameGripper. It is an attachment for Android phones that gives you gamepad buttons to use for gaming on your phone. Now, CP Design, an Australian design company, has constructed the GPod for the iPhone. The GPod is a slide-on case that adds a directional pad, four individual action buttons, a start button, and a select button.

As of right now, the GPod is simply a design plan. CP Design is looking for companies that would help them in promoting the product. They also are looking into companies that would make games that support the device's button layout. The first design of the GPod was meant for the original iPhone, but designers are planning new models for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS.

If you’re a gamer, I’m sure the GPod looks great to you. How awesome would it be to be able to take games with you on your iPhone? Although the GPod has not been released yet, it definitely is in the works. It will be interesting to see if it all pans out.

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