Friday, October 23, 2015

Microsoft Debuts New Elite Wireless Controller For Xbox One And PC

Microsoft recently debuted the new Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One and PC and, according to multiple reports, it's one of the most comfortable controllers ever. In terms of other controllers from Microsoft, the Elite Controller is miles ahead. In fact, if you had to pick something about this controller to complain about the only thing you would be able to come up with is the rather hefty price. That's because the Elite Wireless Controller will run you $150 in the US, £120 in the UK and $200 in Australia.

In reality, you probably don't need to spend that much money on a controller. I mean that price is over double of what a normal one costs. However, if you have that kind of money to spend then the Elite is a luxury that delivers in pretty much every way possible.

The first thing you will notice about the Elite Controller is its weight. It is noticeably heavier than the original Xbox One controller and feels more substantial and luxurious as well. Every single button on the controller offers tactile feedback and are exceptionally smooth. A matte rubberized coating embodies the almost all of the controller with grips receiving some extra texture. Essentially this controller makes it feel as if you are holding a high-end piece of equipment. This is made even more evident with the molded carrying case that you won't want to leave just lying around.

The main selling point here is the incredible amount of customization options you have with this controller. Three sets of magnetic, stainless steel analog sticks are included and can be easily swapped in and out along with two sets of concave-topped sticks (one normal height and one twice that height) and one set of domed sticks that you can mix and match to your desired preference. In addition to that, the analog ball joints are also very solid and have a nice spring to them.

There are also two D-pads included with the controller, a traditional one and a circular one that makes it a bit easier to hit diagonal directions. Like the analog sticks, both D-pads are able to be easily swapped in and out thanks to their magnetic fittings. You can even mess with the triggers too. There is a level underneath each trigger that can activate hair-trigger mode, preventing you from having to actually pull the trigger all the way for it to function.

Remapping buttons is probably one of the coolest features. The Elite Controller comes with four detachable paddles that can be programmed through a free Xbox app specifically designed for the controller. This allows you to bind commands to the back of the controller, which could make some things that much easier to accomplish. However, these back paddles will take some getting used to and it's going to feel really weird at first.

The free app for the controller allows you to program the back paddles as well as allowing you to tinker with any of the 14 digital inputs from the controller. You can store up to two different control streams that can be accessed through a switch below the Xbox Guide button. Microsoft also noted that developer-created alternate control schemes for specific games will be offered through the app in the future.

$150 is pretty expensive, which is why it is a very good thing that this controller works with Windows 10 PCs, as does the app. The controller is ready to use on your PC out of the box and will include a USB cable for connectivity. You can even use it with your PC wirelessly if you want, though you will need the Xbox Wireless Adapter for that, and that'll cost you an additional $25, £25, or AU$30.

If you're hyper competitive and you really think that this controller will give that extra edge you need online, or you simply have the money to spend, then the Elite Wireless Controller from Microsoft may be precisely what you're looking for.

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