Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Disney's Guilty Party for Wii

Disney's Guilty Party for Wii

Disney's Guilty Party is a new, upcoming mystery game for Wii. The family-friendly game is being created by Wideload Games, Disney Interactive Studios’ Chicago development studio and is set to be released later this year.

The game tells the tale of the Dickens Detective Agency and a master criminal named Mr. Valentine. Up to four players can play. Each player will pick a member of the Dickens family/detective to play and travel around the world to various locations to attempt to solve a crime. Players will work together to look for clues and when they think they have a suspect, attempt to solve the crime.

Tom Kang, studio head and general manager of Wideload Games says everyone loves a good mystery. "Mysteries are one of the world's most beloved forms of storytelling, and Guilty Party brings mysteries to Wii in a way that the whole family can play together," he said in a press release about the game.

Players will gather clues by interrogating suspects, exploring crime scenes and playing mini-games. Your Wii remote will transform into a number of detective tools, including a magnifying glass, flashlight, lock-pick, and fingerprint kit. Once you've found some clues, you'll piece together the clues from your detective notebooks to decide who is the culprit. You'll also track Mr. Valentine across the world, from a high-speed train to a leaky aquarium and everything in between, using your quick wit and reflexes.

Patrick Curry, the game director for Wideload Games says, the game plays like a board game. It will be great for family night. The game was inspired by classic detective stories and infused with Wideload's distinctive art and humor style. It's the first game being created for the company for Disney Interactive Studios.

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