Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Xbox 360 Planning to Update to Allow for an External USB Hard Drive

xbox 360 external hard driveOn Thursday, a post on Joystiq reported that Microsoft was preparing to allow third-party USB storage on their Xbox 360. This will allow for more game saving and loading capabilities. The sources from Microsoft stated that the new ability would be released for the Xbox sometime this spring.

The new USB hard drives would allow for a lot more storage space on your Xbox. Microsoft will let gamers utilize 16GB external hard drives with 512 Mbytes that are used for system data. The Xbox will support up to two of these 16GB storage devices.

Once the update is released, gamers will be able to download Xbox Live Arcade games, Xbox Indie games, DLC, Games on Demand, and Title Updates on their new external hard drive. When you insert the device into your Xbox, you will be given to options: “Configure Now” or “Customize.” If you choose “Configure Now,” the whole device will be utilized up to 16GB, but if you select “Customize,” you will be able to select how much space on the hard drive you wish to use for storage. This “Customize” setting allows you to save some space on your device for other purposes such as music.

This update is due on April 6th. In May, SanDisk well be releasing a Xbox-branded USB stick that you will easily be able to use right out of the box, but if you choose to utilize your own USB stick or external hard drive, you will need to run a small formatting utility through the dashboard of the Xbox 360.

Although the expansion space is limited, I’m sure that Xbox 360 users will be excited at the possibilities of more hard drive space. Now gamers will have at least a decent amount of extra space for game saving and loading. Just a little over a week, and Xbox users will have their update. It will be interesting to see what updates come next.

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