Friday, January 22, 2010

New PS3 Updates Prompt More Console Failures

PlayStation 3When many people think of system failures the PS3 doesn't typically come to mind. Most of us think system or hardware failures and we immediately think of the Xbox 360 and its dreaded red ring of death that plagued thousands of gamers (including myself...... twice) for quite some time. Well now it seems that the PlayStation 3 is experiencing "technical difficulties" with some of the firmware updates being pushed onto consoles.

The most common problem people are experiencing involves the machine's Blu-ray drive. Ever since Sony let loose the 3.0 and 3.1 firmware updates for the PS3, many people's Blu-ray drives have been failing completely. However, the problems don't stop there, Sony has just rolled out the 3.10 and 3.15 firmware updates and it seems even more people are experiencing problems with these new updates.

Whether or not the problem is widespread or not is still unclear but, like everything these days, the problem is blowing up on forums all across the internet with a lot of people having problems mainly with the 3.15 firmware update, which came out last month, but still quite a few people having issues after the 3.10 update. Between the two versions out now for the PS3, the 40GB and the 60GB, it seems that the 60GB is the most affected.

A post off of the forums reports that the user's game froze and that after rebooting, the Blu-ray drive would not read any discs at all. This failure came after the poster updated his console with Sony's 3.15 firmware update on his original 40GB console. A poll by one user on the official PlayStation forums found that 35 users either had some bad issues or a complete system failure while 27 users experienced no problems whatsoever. It is unclear how reliable this poll is because, let's face it, how many of us that are not experiencing system failures or firmware update problems are actually going to search the internet for news on them? I rest my case.

I'm sure if the problem gets worse, we will definitely hear about, just remember how fast news of the red ring of death circulated. And you can bet that if the problem gets that bad for Sony that the Microsoft boys will be blasting it all over the internet to make sure you PS3 owners and potential buyers know about it. But we will have to wait until more reports surface before an "official" word can be sent out.

Source: G4TV

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