Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Wii Could Become the New Home Lie Detector

wii lie detectorWhen Nintendo first introduced the Wii in 2006, everyone was very skeptical. No one thought that the system would be able to come close to competing with Sony’s Playstation 3. Everyone laughed at Nintendo’s system’s old fashioned graphics and completely different type of controller. The name that Nintendo chose also caused more ridicule. A Wii? What on earth was a Wii? Everyone said that there was no possible way that the seemingly low-tech game system could stand up against Sony’s HD-capable PS3, but…we were all wrong.

We quickly discovered after the overwhelming sales of Nintendo’s Wii that a lot of people were not concerned about HD graphics, they just wanted to have fun. Honestly, the Wii can’t compete against the Xbox 360 and PS3 because its completely different. Its in a whole new category of gaming.

The various sensors that the Wii console utilizes are what make it the most unique. There’s the motion sensor based controller, the Wii Fit board, and so many more sensor based tools that will be coming out soon. One of these new tools is the Wii Vitality Sensor. This device attaches to your finger and monitors your pulse. This gives the Wii the ability to monitor your stress level while you play different games. Some say this could possibly keep you from playing if you get too nervous or maybe while doing meditation exercises. There are endless possibilities with this latest development.

With the Vitality Sensor, Wii could easily come up with a complete lie detector set. That could be an interesting new twist. So say that something gets broken at your house and nobody wants to own up to it, all you have to do is whip out the old Wii lie detector set and you’ll figure out exactly who did it.

Honestly, I kind of think this would just be too weird. Hooking your kids up to the Wii to see if they’re lying just kind of seems a little out there to me. Now this isn’t all that this new technology could produce, there’s plenty of other things that could come out of the Vitality Sensor. Whatever it is that Wii develops, its almost guaranteed to grab the gaming world’s attention.

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