Friday, January 29, 2010

New DLC for the New Year

downloadable contentWe are drawing close to the end of the first month of the new year and already we have tons of downloadable content available to us for some of the hottest games out right now. For those of you (if there are any) who are unfamiliar with downloadable content, or DLC, its simple. DLC is anything created by a game developer that the player can download via Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network or the internet to further expand, enhance or enrich a certain game. Sometimes DLC is content originally intended to be in the game that, unfortunately, got cut before release or just something extra the developers wanted the gamer to have. Well some of the hottest games out right now are getting the DLC piled on so you can keep tearing through level after level as long as possible.

The first game up on the list is Borderlands. The FPS for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC has a slew of DLC either out or coming out which is sure to leave you stomping around Pandora for a few more hours. The first piece of DLC came in as The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. This addition to the game had players investigating a doctor in charge of keeping workers alive but instead turned them into zombies. The next piece of DLC for Borderlands comes to us in the form of Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. This one wasn't so much extra missions as it was an arena fighting mode Gladiator style. Players do not earn experience by fighting in the arena but they can earn achievements and challenges. If those two aren't enough for you then you will be happy to hear that Gearbox has just confirmed its third piece of DLC entitled The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. This DLC promises to add in new enemies, like a giant mechsuit enemy as well as a giant spider thing. New weapons and items are also said to be included along with a huge new environment to explore and the promise of increasing the level cap above 50. No word about a release date has been said but I already want to sign up.

The next game toting some solid DLC comes in the form of Ubisoft's hit Assassin's Creed 2. The first piece of DLC for AC2 was released yesterday in the form of The Battle of Forli. Anybody who has beaten AC2 knows that, in the game, your memory strand jumps from memory 11 to memory 14 with strand 14 ending the game. The Battle of Forli DLC comes in as memory strand 12 and hopes to fill in some of the gaps in the story arc that may have left more than a few gamers scratching their heads. The Battle of Forli was originally supposed to be in the game but got cut as the final deadline grew closer. The DLC itself is said to add over an hour of extra gameplay and missions and even another glider mission for all of us who did not get enough time on DaVinci's flying machine. However, Ubisoft is not stopping there. The company plans to release another piece of DLC which will essentially be memory strand 13 so the plot flows and is complete. And if that isn't enough for you, another piece of DLC has been rumored that could feature a multiplayer mode for AC2 but there is no further word on either of these two just yet.

Probably the biggest game to launch since Modern Warfare 2, Mass effect 2 is toting its own slew of launch DLC. If you buy the game new, you will receive a voucher code to input that will give you access to the Cerberus Network an in-game store that allows you to purchase different things. In addition to that players will be able to download a new player to recruit to your team named Zaeed Massani. This DLC also adds new missions and items. Another piece of DLC is also planned that is said to feature new missions, weapons and a hovering tank known as the Hammerhead. Immediately available on release is the Normandy Crash Pack DLC which allows players to investigate the remains of the SSV Normandy SR-1, your characters ship from the first game. Bioware has also released word that another piece of DLC involving a human thief named Kasumi will be coming out at a later date. With the already extensive campaign along with all this extra DLC, I don't believe people will be putting down Mass Effect 2 any time soon.

This content just barely scratches the surface of all the DLC available. Games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero are continuously releasing new track packs and survival horror game Resident Evil 5 has just added some new characters and costumes to the game's Mercenaries mode. There is definitely enough DLC out there to keep your games full and your pockets light so be sure and grab some of this content, especially the free stuff, before its too late. All DLC is available through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the 360, the PlayStation Network for the PS3 and Steam for the PC.

Source: G4TV

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