Friday, January 8, 2010

Razer Breaks Out Two Xbox 360 Peripherals

RazerAnybody who seriously games in the PC community has undoubtedly heard of a little company called Razer. Razer has been one of the leading manufacturers in gaming peripherals for PC gamers for a while and it seems that now they want to throw their hat into the console gaming ring as they have just announced two new gaming peripherals designed solely for the Xbox 360.

Razer OnzaRazer has received approval from the big wigs over at Microsoft to create the Razer Onza Professional Gaming Controller. Razer's signature style consists of creating peripherals aimed at improving the gamers experience overall by incorporating a series of special features into their devices. The Onza is unique because of it's features. The tension on the two analog sticks can be adjusted allowing for an exact comfort level specific to the gamer. The Onza also has a MFB, or Multi-function button. The MFB can be mapped to act any of the action buttons, the analog stick buttons or even an auto-fire button by simply sliding the selector switch on the bottom of the controller. But despite its features Razer also likes style. The Onza is solid black with the Razer logo on the left side of the controller. The 360 dashboard/power button lights up green as does the d-pad buttons. But probably the coolest part is that the seems of the controller also illuminate the traditional Xbox green for a truly unique look. The only problems some gamers may have with the Onza is that the controller is wired which has its pros and cons. The pros are that it drastically saves you in batteries and provides lag-free gaming. The cons are that it is 2010 and nobody really wants a wired controller anymore. No word on when this device will hit store shelves but we do have a price. The Razer Onza Professional Gaming Controller will run you $44.99.

Razer ChimaeraThe other peripheral coming out of Razer is the Razer Chimaera Professional Gaming Headset. Razer designed this headset to deliver sharp sound quality that can optimize any gaming experience. The headset offers a 5.1 channel Virtual Surround Sound system that offers spectacular sound quality. Most all games out there are created with 5.1 surround sound yet most gaming headsets are only equipped to offer stereo-grade sound. The Chimaera also includes a Daisy-Chain cable system. This allows multiple base stations to connect to create a direct, private communication channel. The Chimaera was also created with a circumaural design that gives the gamer optimum noise isolation allowing for extended hours of gameplay comfortably without any outside distractions. The only problems I could see with this product is that it is also wired and from the picture it only appears that the microphone is restricted to the left side of the headset which could annoy some gamers, like myself, who are more comfortable with the mic on the right side. Razer is still working for approval from Microsoft on this product and no release date has been set. If it is able to be released however, you can pick it up for a price of $129.99.

Razer is always looking at ways to improve your gaming experience and many people are excited that the company is branching out into console gaming. With their first two console products looking pretty good already, we can only expect great things from Razer in the future. Let's just hope that they realize us gamers desire and demand WIRELESS peripherals.

Source: Razer

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