Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wii Fit Plus... for Dogs?

Wii Fit for...Dogs?
Perhaps your pooch needs to lose a few pounds? Forget the special diet dog food or those extra walks around the block, Nintendo's new Wii Fit Plus has just what you're looking for. Okay, so maybe it doesn't exactly work that way - there are no exercises for dogs - but you can weigh the family pet and make a little doggie avatar if you desire!

Wii Fit Plus, the sequel to Nintendo's extremely popular Wii Fit, was released on Sunday and measuring your dog's fitness level is just one of many new additions. With the new game/workout system, you can master kung-fu, work through an obstacle course, lead a marching band, and learn new yoga poses, all for $19.99 (unless you need the original Wii Balance Board, then you can expect to pay $99).

The new version of the Wii Fit combines all of the old activities with 15 new games and six new strength-training and yoga exercises. The game also features a personal trainer who can recommend exercises based on your time constraints and what you desire to improve upon. You can also customize your own routine. New users can create a new profile or if you are an original Wii Fit owner, you can keep your old one, making the transition seamless.

Another neat addition for those serious about getting in shape is the calorie counter. Upon completing an exercise, a calorie counter pops up on screen, showing how many calories you burned during an exercise. The game is said to be a complete mind and body workout, helping you "burn calories while achieving inner peace."

In September, Nintendo dropped the Wii retail pice from $250 to $200 making the popular console even more appealing, even to the most casual gamers and most likely making it a popular holiday gift item, once again.

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