Saturday, October 31, 2009

Modern Warfares Last Stand for Dedicated Servers

If you have been following the release of Modern Warfare 2 then you've probably come across the droves of outraged pc gamers who are demanding answers from Infinity Ward. On October 17th, 2009, less than a month away from the highly anticipated release of Modern Warfare 2, Robert Bowling AKA Infinity Wards community manager announced over a live podcast that there would be NO dedicated server support for Modern Warfare 2. Instead, a new matchmaking system called IWnet will be implemented. In response to this bombshell, a Dedicated Server Petition for MW2 was created in which over 170,000 people have already signed. Despite these large numbers, Infinity Ward doesn't even seem phased as they have released no official response to the issue.

With the release of Modern Warfare 2 just around the corner (Nov 10, 2009), many devastated PC gamers are losing hope that their cries will be answered. In spite of all this, Angry Employee has taken up the cause for Dedicated Servers and has launched a campaign that they hope ALL fraggers across the world will embrace. The concept, that all PC gamers across the world will unite and come together as one on the 10th November 2009(MW2's Official release date), and send IW a message of exactly what they are doing in removing dedicated servers.

The Plan? A PC COMMUNITY PLAY DAY COMBINED WITH A 24 HOUR DEDICATED SERVER SHUT DOWN. What the plan entails is to create a large amount of traffic to Infinity Wards master server via a large number of PC gamers simply logging on and playing in dedicated servers. When the clock hits midnight on November 10th, the community as a whole will turn off their dedicated servers. The goal being that this large traffic build up will ensure that when the clock hits 00:00 Nov 10th there will be massive connection losses at IW's master servers. As each country and continent follows suite Infinity Ward will see for themselves exactly how we feel about no dedicated servers.

How can you participate in this event? Overall Traffic to the master server and people being online is the key. If you are working, leave your home PC in a dedicated server in spectate mode. If your home all day but can't frag, you guessed it, leave your home PC in a server and in spectate. If you have purchased or are currently renting a dedicated server, try and populate your server and be sure to turn off your server when the clock reaches midnight.

This may very well be the PC communities last chance to show Infinity Ward how widespread our ill feelings are towards no dedicated server support. Blurt this message out wherever you can and help spread the word. Whether its in forums, news papers, chat rooms or in game. Wherever you are and whatever your doing, try and make this day count for something.

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