Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sports Resort Leads Wii Sales, Wish Lists

Sports Resort Leads Wii Sales, Wish Lists

As the holiday season rolls around, video game sales are expected to rise and one of the most requested games across all the major gaming platforms is Wii Sports Resort. In a survey of 1,005 consumers ages 8 to 17, conducted by retailer Game Crazy and children's magazine Weekly Reader, Sports Resort and guitar Hero 5 topped the list as the games boys and girls want to see under the Christmas tree this year. New Super Mario Bros. (which will come out in November) and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games were also popular amongst the kids. Both games were developed for the Wii and Nintendo's handheld consoles. It probably goes without saying that the Wii was also voted the most popular gaming console by survey participants.

Not surprisingly, Wii Sports Resort, which was released in the United States in July, is also currently leading Wii's North American sales. The game comes with the Wii MotionPlus device and is the sequel to the Wii Sports game that comes packaged with the Wii console.

Sports Resort takes place at a beach resort on an island called Wuhu Island. The game features a number of sports including swordplay, wakeboarding, frisbee, archery, basketball, table tennis, golf, bowling, power cruising, canoeing, cycling, and air sports. Games are played by holding the Wii Remote or Nunchuk as though you are actually participating in the real-life version of the game. The Wii Motion Plus device allows for greater accuracy. For example, in Table Tennis, a player can now add spin to the ball. Most sports allow up to three to four players and can be played by sharing on Wii Remote, however for more than one player to take part in the canoeing game, all players must have their own controller.

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