Monday, October 12, 2009

Epic Mickey Bringing Disney's Dark Side

Epic Mickey Bringing Disney's Dark Side
This month's issue of Game Informer magazine has got gamers and Disney enthusiasts in a tizzy. The magazine features an exclusive cover story and they have even set up a website where they will make exclusive announcements over the course of this month about what is rumored to be a single-player, Wii-only game (though recent reports say the game will also be available for Play Station 3 and Xbox 360). According to the website, they will be posting stories, videos, images and details exploring the process behind the design and creation of the project.

October 5th's announcements brought news that Warren Spector will be developing the game. Who is Warren Spector? Just one of the biggest role-playing game designers of all time, of course. He's probably best known for Deus Ex and its sequel Deus Ex: Invisible War. In 2007, Disney Interactive acquired his Junction Point Studios and Epic Mickey has been rumored to be his first Disney project. While gamers may know Spector's name, they probably don't know that he is slightly obsessed with Disney. An interview with Game Informer Magazine reveals that Spector owns a second home filled with rare Disney memorabilia. Who better to work on this game?

The game probably won't be released until the fall of 2010, meaning players will have to wait an entire year, but that hasn't stopped rumors and internet chatter. The game promises to be dark - not your average Disney - and some say it will take place in a dark world of forgotten Disney characters ran by Oswald the Rabbit - Disney's original character creation before Mickey Mouse. Oswald is supposedly jealous of Mickey's fame an has called on The Phantom Blot to help get his revenge. The Blot covers the world with sticky black ink and it is up to Mickey Mouse to restore order and return things to normal by painting, mending and clearing obstacles.

Check out this month's Game Informer Magazine for more details.

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