Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer 2010 Wii Games

Summer 2010 Wii GamesWhen people think of the Nintendo Wii, they don't just think of it as a video game. Many see it as a way to not only have fun and be entertained, but to help get themselves in shape as well. Nintendo of America recognizes that and is ready to encourage Wii-players of all ages, shapes and sizes to get out and play with the first-ever Wii Games: Summer 2010."

The national competition begins July 16 and will kick-off at Liberty State Park in New Jersey. It ends in Los Angeles, with a national championship in Los Angeles on September 3-5. During the time between July 16 and September 5, the competition will include actual in events in 24 United States markets. Players will have the opportunity to compete for top scores, and get together with other gamers for tons of fun and Wii games!

Wii Games: Summer 2010 will have opportunities for kids, teens, adults, seniors, and whole families. The focus of the events will be the following five sports: basketball and bowling (both of which can be found in Wii Sports Resort), Hula Hoop from Wii Fit Plus, the platforming adventure from New Super Mario Bros, and high-speed racing from Marko Kart Wii. From mid-July to mid-August, tournaments will be held every weekend at Six Flags parks in Texas, Georgia, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. There will also be more events at sixteen various shopping malls across the nation. Prizes will be awarded.

Those who qualify will travel to Los Angeles to compete in the event's national championship. Prizes such as Nintendo systems, games, home entertainment packages, a cruise, trophies, and national exposure will be awarded to those who win. Shawn Johnson, Olympic gold medalist and Dancing with the Stars winner, will serve as the Wii Games: Summer 2010 Ambassador. She will be appearing at several events. Said Johnson of the event, “I play Wii games with my friends and family all the time“I play Wii games with my friends and family all the time. I’m looking forward to watching people from all over the country coming together to have fun and compete.”

Wii games such as Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus have become very popular amongst people looking to improve their health and Nintendo has used that to help increase awareness about good health. The company is working together with the American Heart Association, as well as USA TODAY for the "Family Fitness Challenge." The Wii Games: Summer 2010 is the just the latest in a long line of projects.

So, you ready to participate? The Games will be open to both two- and four-player teams. Categories will be organized by age with a teen, adult, and super adult category, plus categories where adults can play with younger children and family members. Your best scores from all five sports will be combined to determine your total scores. Best of all, if you can't make it to an event, you can participate online. And if you're not looking to compete, you can still have fun. Attendees at events can participate in noncompetitive games such as Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Punch-Out! All events are open to the public.

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