Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Suprising New Hardware in Next-Gen Consoles

PlayStation 3 and Nintendo WiiHow long has it been now since we first got our hands on the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3? If memory serves me right it has only been three rather short years since our lives were filled with motion controllers and blu-ray playing consoles and already there are rumors scurrying all across the web about the newest installments for each console and some of the new hardware each one may be bringing to the table.

Lets start with Sony. According to a report found in the Japanese press, Sony is apparently working on a multi-core design for the PlayStation 4. The PS3 currently runs on a Cell architecture which is one of the reasons the console is hard to develop for. Early on some of the different choices Sony was looking at were Intel's Larrabee and a modified version of the Synergistic Processor Unit. However, that is all over with now as it appears Sony is working with multi-core designs. However, I don't think this is anything to get to heated over yet because Sony also announced that a new handheld is due to come out before the PS4. The PSP2 isn't supposed to come out until 2013 so there is still a bit of a wait.

Switching gears over to Nintendo, rumors have already begun to surface for the Wii 2 as well. It seems that the powers that be over at Nintendo and the suits over at Intel have been discussing hardware to power Nintendo's new console. Word on the gaming street is that the two companies may be talking about using a GPU/CPU combo for the Wii 2, similar to Larrabee. We could very well see Intel powering the new console from Nintendo whenever it comes out.

It seems the only people not discussing a new console just yet is Microsoft. Microsoft still believes that there is a vast untapped potential in the Xbox 360 and that it still has a lot of kick still left in it. With the introduction of Project Natal, among other things, we may very well see the Xbox 360 go up against a PS4 or Wii 2 before we see an Xbox 720 or something like that give it a go.

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