Monday, December 21, 2009

Picking The Game Console That Fits Your Needs

game consolesDeciding on what game console you want to purchase can be a difficult process. Sometimes the price or the brand or the games available for that system can influence your decision. I just want to present some facts, so that you are able to make a confident decision on a system that best suites you.

So as of now, Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s Playstation 3, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 are the consoles you have to choose from. They are all very different and unique. Which you consider the best all depends on your preferences. The Wii and the 360 have not changed their looks since their release, while the PS3 has slimmed down a bit. The internal capabilities of all of the different systems are constantly changing though. Microsoft has initiated a new interface for the 360, the PS3 has featured some minor upgrades and added Netflix this year, and the Wii has had a few improvements and continues to release a steady stream of games. The most welcoming change is the fact that each of the game consoles has dropped in price. Considering how expensive these systems were when they were first released, these consoles are relatively reasonably priced.

Nintendo Wii
The Wii was launched in 2005 and was highly scrutinized for being underpowered compared to its competitors. Quickly people began eating their words. The simple, straightforward gameplay, motion-based controller, and affordable price made the Wii a huge success. The Wii currently leads sales in the gaming world. This is the best possible system families, kids, and casual gamers.

For those who aren’t looking for crazy intense gaming, the Wii offers a variety of fun games. The Wii Sports Resort was added to the Wii Sports family recently and includes archery, fencing, and wakeboarding. Included with the Sports Resort package is a small sensor that attaches to your Wii remote and increases motion sensitivity. The Wii definitely displays the best motion-sensitivity technology and remains the best-selling systems available today for a reasonable price of $199.

Sony Playstation 3
Earlier this year, Sony released the PS3 Slim. This is a thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient version of the original PS3. PS3 has many features that are not included in the other game systems. It features an integrated Blu-ray player and supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and DLNA. As mentioned above, it also has recently added Netflix streaming. Another incredibly important detail would be the price drop from its original $500 price tag to $299. It is obvious that the PS3 is definitely the most feature-filled system on the market.

Microsoft Xbox 360
Now when considering the 360, you must choose between the regular Xbox 360 and the Elite Xbox 360. The Elite ships with a 120GB hard drive, an HDMI port, and a wireless controller for $299. Looks wise, the Elite 360 is a more sophisticated black opposed to the regular white 360.

The $199 price tag on the Xbox 360 Arcade gives it an up on the PS3. It is the least-expensive Xbox on the market. Now with this low price, Microsoft was forced to remove the internal hard drive of the 360, which is a huge sacrifice. If you are looking to be able to play games and enjoy the New Xbox Experience though, the 360 Arcade could be the best system choice for you.

Now what do I think? Personally, I have played and enjoyed all of these systems. I was very skeptical about the Wii, but it really is a lot of family fun. The PS3 is probably my favorite console, but that is most likely because I constantly utilize its Wi-Fi capabilities. The Xbox 360 is a fantastic system to play on too. I think really you have to make your decision based on your own personal preferences or what your budget allows. No matter what you decide, your going to have a great time with your new game system.

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