Friday, December 11, 2009

10 Great Wii Game Ideas For Christmas

10 Great Wii Game Ideas For Christmas

There weren't a ton of big fall releases for the Wii this year, and that could leave parents of Wii-addicted children and teenagers scratching their head as they shop for Christmas gifts. Never fear, there are still some Wii games out there and here is a list of ten that any Wii gamer, no matter their age, would love to see under the tree on Christmas morning:

1. DJ Hero - There are so many music games out there but for some people, rock music and playing the guitar (which most of the games are centered around) can get a little boring. DJ Hero allows you to be the DJ and let's you work the turntables instead of the guitar, to play several different genres of music.

2. Lego Indiana Jones 2 - There are lots of games in the Lego series now but some say the second Indiana Jones game is the best one yet. Get the most of both worlds (films and legos) as the game centers on all four movies, focusing on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

3. New Super Mario Bros - Has there been a more popular game series than Mario Brothers? For the first time in ten years, Mario is back. Packed with nostalgia and innovation, the new version of Super Mario is great for older gamers who played the game back in the day.

4. Wii Fit Plus - This may not be what your kids want from Santa but it may be what mom wants to help jumpstart her new year's resolutions. If you liked the Wii Fit, Wii Fitt Plus is the new and improved version.

5. Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics - Gamers' favorite plumber takes on gamers' favorite hedgehog in some good old-fashioned Winter Olympic fun. What more could you ask for? This game is fun for the whole family and a Wii gamer favorite.

6. Dead Space Extraction - Steve Boxer of the UK Guardian calls this game one of the best of the year. It seems more like something for Xbox or Playstation, as it's one of the few dark adult games for the Wii.

7. Muramasa: The Demon Blade - This game has been out for a few months and developed a very strong cult-like following. With great visuals and sound, this Japanese ninja, role-playing game is great gift for anyone looking for some adventure.

8. Tony Hawk: Ride - Tony Hawk games have been popular for years and this yet-to-be-released one is no exception. It comes with a new skateboard-shaped Wii control and may very well breathe new life into the franchise.

9. Spore Hero - Spore Hero is a simple game but has a few pleasant touches. If you like to customize characters, this one is great. Based on Will Wright's original version, this evolution-themed game is great for kids, but adults will enjoy it, too.

10. Rabbids Go Home - The Rabbids franchise is a spinoff from Playstation's Rayman and is supposed to be much better than the predecessors. It has been very well-received by gamers and called "ambitious" and "inspired" by critics. This action-adventure game would make a great surprise Christmas gift.

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