Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rage's Campaign Completed in Only 15 Hours?

Rage gameplayUsually when you buy a video game, you get the box, an instruction manual and a single game disc that contains all the enjoyment you just paid for. However, there are the rare, yet incredible, occasions when a game is so massive that it needs to be put on more than one disc. With the advancements in modern gaming, a lot of stuff can be put on one disc, so if a game does come with more than one, you know it has a whole lot of content. There are a few games that come to mind when I think of multiple discs, Mass Effect 2, which required two discs, and Final Fantasy XIII which required three discs to play. Well, the upcoming Fallout/Borderland hybrid game from id Software, Rage, is said to be released with two discs. So, considering the games that Rage is compared to coupled with the fact that it has two discs, you would expect Rage to deliver a very long single player adventure. However, that may not be the reality we are faced with on release day. According to Tim Willits, creative director for Rage, the game's single player campaign will only take you around 15 hours to complete. In a recent interview with Official Xbox Magazine (OXM), Willits stated that the campaign only takes a lousy 15 hours to complete. Now, granted, this is long compared to your typical first-person shooter game but considering the nature of Rage's post-apocalyptic open world environment, we should have a lot more than 15 hours of gameplay. However, the report is vague. This could mean 15 hours of straight storyline main quest adventuring with no time calculated in for side quests. Fallout 3's campaign can be completed in around 20 hours if you do absolutely no side quests whatsoever. We are hoping this is the same thing here and that 15 hours will be stretched to somewhere between 50 to 100 hours. If Rage ends up being 15 hours total (including side quests), there are going to be a lot of disappointed gamers out there. Rage is one of the most highly anticipated games to come out soon and many are saying that it will be the best console game of our generation. You can read the interview in the May 2011 issue of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) but to get the hard facts we will just have to wait until Rage is released on September 30th, 2011. Source: Examiner - Rage's 2 discs can be beaten in a day

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