Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nightly Online Gaming Ban Taking Place in Vietnam

online gaming banSo, I think a lot of us are taking gaming for granted. I mean, it is literally nothing for most of us to turn on our television, power up our console and hop on a game with our friends and start playing. The access we have is so perfect because nobody, unless you are 12 and have strict parents, can limit how much time we spend online playing games. That is a very special freedom in my mind and not a freedom that everybody around the world can enjoy. Just take Vietnam, for example.

If you think that you do not get enough time online with your gaming, then you should think about the things The Ministry of Information and Communication is doing over in the country of Vietnam. The Ministry of Information and Communication has called for a nightly ban of online gaming across the entire country.

According to a recent report from Vietnam news, the request was made to internet providers a week ago and demands a block on internet access to the entire country every single night from 10pm until 8am, set to begin on March 3rd.

This ban comes as yet another step in the ongoing initiative of the Vietnamese Government to limit the "negative side-effects" of online gaming. OpenNet Initiative is a global internet filtering and surveillance watchdog and has classified Vietnam's level of internet toll filtering as "substantial" due to the extremely stiff measure of internet control the government has exerted.

According to The Ministry of Information and Communication's Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang, "Provincial departments of information and communication will inspect online games activities nationwide and deal with organizations that violate regulations by cancelling their services."

So the next time you think you do not get enough time online with your Xbox, think of these poor gamers in Vietnam and be thankful you do not have a nightly ban on your gaming.

Source: IGN - Vietnam Calls For Online Gaming Ban
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