Monday, February 7, 2011

New Virtual Keyboard UI from Circboard

Do you ever get tired of having to deal with attempting to type things out with your game controller? If you don’t have a keyboard for your game system, typing anything out can be a very frustrating thing.

Well, Circboard is trying to eliminate some of that frustration. They have been working extremely hard to reinvent the virtual keyboard UI (user interface).

Instead of having a traditional keyboard format like a QWERTY keyboard or even a ABCDEF-style keyboard, Circboard has formulated an entirely different kind of keyboard format. They decided to consolidate the characters into groups of four that then allow you to press the corresponding buttons on your controller for the letter. For example, on the Xbox 360’s controller, in the first group of four you will press the Y button for A, the X button for B, the A button for D, and the B button for C. The shoulder buttons then take the place of the space and backspace buttons, the left trigger takes the place of the caps and shift buttons, the D-pad navigates through the text, and the right trigger brings up a second layer of symbols and numbers that can’t fit on the primary wheel.

This new innovation is currently just being utilized for games and applications, but it could definitely be integrated into more than that in the future. The technology has not yet been released, but the development team said on its site that “a fully functional PC demo for everyone to try will be coming out very soon!"

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