Monday, August 2, 2010

Zoo Entertainment Announces Tons of New Releases

Zoo Entertainment Announces Tons of New Releases

Zoo Entertainment, a developer and marketer of casual gaming software, announced its summer and fall 2010 release schedule and, well, let's just say casual gamers will be thrilled. From game shows to family fun and simulation to racing games, there's something for everyone from this company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

In a press release Zoo Entertainment's CEO Mark Seremet said, "We believe our robust 2010 new releases offer broad-based, value-added appeal to the casual game player. Our strategy to offer a diversified portfolio of titles and leverage our strong licensing partnerships is working. It has enabled Zoo Entertainment to grow even in very challenging economic conditions. We’re also pleased that this year’s line-up includes an initial contribution from indiePub Games. Our strong 2010 release schedule combined with our digital initiatives positions us well for continued growth.”

Some of the notable titles to be released include:

  • Minute to Win It - Based on NBC's popular reality show, this game will be available for Nintendo Wii & DS later this year.

  • Deal or No Deal 2011 Anniversary Edition - Out in September, the anniversary edition of this popular game based on the NBC game show will be available for Wii & DS.

  • Matthews Bow Hunting - Matthews is the "premium international hunting bow manufacturer" and together with Zoo, they'll release a hunting simulation game in October. The game will come along with a hunting bow that gives you a realistic sense of hunting.

  • Kevin Van Dam Fishing - Van Dam is the five-time Angler of the Year and this realistic bass fishing game that features his name will come along with a fishing rod-type Wii controller. It will be released in September for Wii and PS3.

  • Shawn Johnson Gymnastic Challenge - To be released in October for Nintendo Wii, DS, and DSiWare, this game was created in collaboration with 2008 Olympic superstar Shawn Johnson.

  • Hello Kitty Seasons - The first of several Hello Kitty games to be available for Wii, it will hit stores in October.

  • Auditorium - This game will be one of the first developed by the Zoo's indiePub Games online gaming site and will also be the company's first digital release. An exact release date has not been set.

Earlier this year the company released several hunting and sports games among others. These included Chocolatier, Arcade Shooting Gallery (which comes with a gun), and Remington Bird Hunt (which also comes with a gun), all released in February. In March the company released Dream Chronicles, Remington Great American Bird Hunt, and Hall of Fame Ultimate Hoops Challenge. In May the company released Color Cross, Monster Frenzy, and Let's Paint.

Several games were released on June 14, 15, and 22 including many games that come with steering wheels: ATV Quad Kings, Chrysler Racing, Jeep Thrills, Monster Trucks, and Speed. Also, Beach Fun, The Garfield Show, Astro Invaders, Nursery Mania, Redneck Racing, and Armada were released in June. In July and August the company released Puzzle Time, Crash Time, Winter Sports 3, Redneck Racing, Little Bears, Winter Sports 3, Martian Panic, Wild West Shootout, Martian Panic (with a blaster) and Wild West Shootout (with a blaster). September will bring Dond Anniversary (with or without a case), KVD Fishing (with or without a rod), Glacier 3 (with or without a wheel), and the Shawn Johnson game.

Just in time for the holidays Zoo expects several games to hit store shelves including Auditorium, 25 Mini Game Compilation, The Garfield Show, Flatout, Hello Kitty Seasons, Matthews Bow Hunting, Flatout (with the wheel bundle), and Minute to Win It.

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