Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Than 1.5 Million Copies of StarCraft II Sold in Just Two Days

starcraft 2 sells over 1.5 million copiesStarCraft II was released last Tuesday in North America, Europe, and more than a dozen other countries. This highly anticipated game was made available at over 8,000 different stores at midnight on Tuesday. In the first 24 hours of its monumental release, over 1 million copies of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty were sold. The following day, another 500,000 copies were sold.

According to Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft II is now the fastest selling strategy game to date. It just beat out World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King which launched in 2008.

StarCraft II was launched in 11 different launguages on 5 different continents. Chief executive and co-founder Mike Morhaime stated, “We wanted to make sure as many players as possible were able to log on and play on day one. We're pleased that so many people around the world have already picked up a copy of the game, and we look forward to welcoming even more players to Battle.net in the weeks and months ahead.”

Curious about how StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty measures up to its predecessor? Read the full StarCraft II review.

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  1. Wow it’s was sold that fast, its no doubts it’s the fastest selling strategy game. Tyiepr despite all the negative attacks before the launch date they still made the highest market.

  2. It's insane the buzz around this game and how many people are going crazy about it.

    Week 1 of its launch has been fun for me, but not the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    My week 1 synopsis