Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Newly Redesigned Xbox 360

new xbox 360Of course Microsoft couldn’t let Sony release their Playstation 3 Slim without giving them some competition. Their new Xbox 360 is sexier, sleeker, and less prone to problems than the original.

On Monday, Microsoft released their new Xbox 360 at the E3 press conference. Although it does not have a new name like the newest version of the PS3, it does have a multitude of new features. The first most noticeable difference with the new Xbox 360 would be the design. It is much smaller and sleeker than the original 360 and now features a sheen black gloss exterior. Although the shiny new Xbox does look sexier, you can expect fingerprints to cover its exterior the moment you pop it out of the box.

One criticism that many people had about the original Xbox 360 is that it seemed loud. You could definitely always tell when you accidentally left the console on. The new and improved 360 still hums slightly but is extremely quiet compared to its predecessor.

Basically, the new Xbox is replacing the Elite 360. It now offers 250 GB of storage standard. If you want to transfer your data from your current 360 to your new one, Microsoft is offering a data transfer cable for $19.95 that will allow you to connect your old hard drive to your new console with a USB cable. This makes data transfer pretty painless.

One of the most useful things to be found on the new Xbox 360 is the built-in WiFi. This has been one of the advantages that PS3 has had over Xbox, but it is an advantage that will no longer exist. Although PS3 does have free online play, unlike Xbox, that still keeps the Sony console slightly ahead of the Xbox 360 in my opinion.

Another thing that I was happy to hear about the new 360 is that Microsoft claims that it cannot get the dreaded “red ring of death.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t exactly mean that it can’t have issues though. Instead of displaying the red ring when there are problems with the console, the new 360 will display a variety of various combinations of green lights. I guess Microsoft just wanted to get away from the whole “red ring” criticism.

One last thing to note is that Microsoft has stated that they will no longer be producing the Original Xbox 360. Once the original consoles sell out, they are gone for good. So if you’re considering purchasing the original 360 for $199, you better do it quick.

Well, all around I’m pretty impressed with the new sleek Xbox 360. Microsoft has definitely made some great improvements. Although the 360 is really stepping it up, I still personally prefer PS3. You can get a PS3 slim with 250 GB of storage for $349.99, but basically it comes down to your personal preferences when choosing a console. If you think the new Xbox 360 sounds good to you, then you should check it out because it’s now available for $299.99.

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