Friday, May 14, 2010

Walmart Squares Up Against Gamestop in Used Video Game Sales

It seems Gamestop will always be able to rely on their customers trading in old titles to buy used games and businesses are taking notice. Especially since nearly 50 percent of Gamestop's profits are attributed to the used game market alone. In a recent attempt to exploit this trend Walmart and Best Buy decided to test the waters by partnering with a third party vendor called E-Play which would handle the used video game transactions at a self-serve kiosk. However, shortly after the partnership, E-Play decided to suspend their operations leaving both companies no other options except to close shop. With Movie Gallery dead, Blockbuster struggling, and Walmart's and Best Buy's recently failed excursion into the used video game market via E-Play's unmanned used games kiosks, video game retail giant Gamestop seems to have little to no competition in sight for the used game market.

However, WalMart isn’t concerned about Gamestop's grip on the marker nor have they been bothered by their recent ventures into the industry. The retail stock is determined to give their rival video game retailer a run for their money by once again entering into the used gaming business. This time Walmart will be partnering with a fresh face to allow consumers the ability to trade and cash in on all of their undesired home electronics. This isn't just Wii, Xbox, and Playstation discs. Walmart will be toying with the idea of movies, console systems, media players, and other home entertainment products as potential trade ins for store credit and possibly cash.

Walmart will be partnering with small retailer Game Trader in 5 test locations throughout the US to see if they can penetrate the market. This time they will be abandoning the self serve method for a more personal retail experience inside the store. If this venture proves to be successful its likely that Walmart will expand this concept to become one of the main components of their electronics sections. Walmarts success is also likely to bring more competitive pricing to the mix which would be a plus for all consumers.

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