Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monopoly Streets Coming to a Console Near You

Monopoly Streets Coming to a Console Near You One of the most popular board games turns 75 this year and to celebrate the anniversary of the Hasbro creation, Electronic Arts has announced the game Monopoly Streets. Monopoly Streets will be available for Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Imagine playing your favorite board game in the world of 3D video games!

Not only will the game be fun for the family to gather around the console, but it will also feature online multiplayer capabilities, as well as downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions. The game won't be available until the fall, but gamers are already anticipating all the fun it's sure to bring. Oh, and if you're a Nintendo DS player, a classic version of monopoly will be available for that console.

Immerse yourself in the world of Monopoly. You'll experience the game at street level. Just like in the classic game, you'll buy and develop properties, building houses and hotels, and each step will make your 3D Monopoly world just a little bit more appealing. Each player will have his or her own headquarters that will rise and fall according to how much you're worth.

The game will have lots of twists. You can create house rules, which means you and your friends or family create your own rules, and Wii players can play as their Miis, while Xbox 360 players use their avatars. Your cities can even be populated by your friends' Miis and avatars. And if you're itching to play the classic game, there's a mode for that, too. If you play online, you can play against players of all levels from around the world, and keep track of your progress on local, national, and world leaderboards.

Chip Lange, General Manager and Senior Vice President of EA's Hasbro Division said in a press release, "We’re taking Hasbro’s No. 1 family game brand and masterfully striking the balance of offering the classic Monopoly play experience and adding a spectacular new visual treatment as we bring the classic board to life with players walking the streets of Monopoly. Monopoly Streets will bring people together and connect families all over the world by offering online gameplay through their gaming consoles. We think this unique, combined offering will bring families together around the TV this holiday season for a classic family gaming tradition they’ll remember for years to come."

Monopoly was created in 1935 and has since sold over 275 million copies in 111 countries and 40 languages. The original game was based on the streets of Atlantic City and despite hundreds of different versions being created throughout the years, the classic continues to be the most popular.

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