Friday, February 12, 2010

New Fable 3 Details

FableFable 3, the highly anticipated sequel to Peter Molyneux's huge hit Fable 2, was announced last fall at the GamesCom Convention over in Germany. Since the announcement of this game, as well as the announcement of Project Natal, there has been a lot of industry clammer about the use of Natal in Fable 3. But, as described at GamesCom, the use of Natal in the game is "yet-to-be-decided".

But enough about what we don't know and on to what we do. You lead character in Fable 3 is not your character from the previous game but is you character from the previous games 18-year old son. Again, Albion is ruled by an evil tyrant and your goal is, like always, to dethrone said evil tyrant and take over. The demo showed off at GamesCom had multiple parts to it.

The demo showcased some of the new gameplay mechanics we will be seeing in Fable 3. The first concept, and probably most important to Molyneux, was the "touch" concept. This concept was shown by having your character hold hands with an NPC and lead them around the town of Bowerstone. The demo gave us two examples of how the touch concept worked. The first was finding your daughter and taking her home to your pissed off wife. When you find your daughter and begin to take her home, she will notice certain things, like when you walk to close to the pub. She will then remind you of how your wife doesn't like how often you go there.

The second example of the touch concept cones in the story of a down-on-his-luck bum and getting him back on his feet. The bum thinks you are going to help him to a shelter but freaks out when he realizes you are taking him to the factory to be sold as a slave. Molyneux also said that the touch concept would carry over into two player co-op allowing you to hold hands with your friend as you merrily skip through the streets admiring what you have done.

The second new mechanic showcased comes as a significant change from previous Fable games. Molyneux is throwing in some pretty serious action-RPG mechanics. More specifically the game will have on-screen indicators, more traditional weapon upgrades and leveling up through experience. To be more specific, in stead of a health bar, your camera warps and blurs ala Modern Warfare 2. The weapons system is different. Instead of having to upgrade your weapons, the weapons upgrade themselves in both appearance and power based on how you use them. For example, kill a certain enemy a lot with one gun and the color and texture will change. The more kills you rack up with a weapon, the bigger and cooler it will look. The glow emanating from the weapon will also change depending on the guilt or innocence of your victims. Your leveling up and experience has been replaced by a "followers" concept. You gain or lose followers based on your in-game decisions.

During GamesCom, Molyneux discussed the idea of revolution and maintaining rule. During the first half of the game, your character is tasked with gathering followers and leading a rebellion to overthrow the evil tyrant leader and assume the role as the new leader of Albion. The second half of the game, however, deals with the ramifications of how exactly you acquired the role of leader and the responsibilities that come with the title. When this happens the game, thankfully, does not change too dramatically. Your character will still be able to go out and complete quests but there are two new gameplay mechanics that get introduced. The first is the ability to make judgments that affect the citizenry of the land. The second is a secret. Molyneux did say that he would reveal what the second mechanic is at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

when questioned whether or not the game would continue when you became king, Molyneux was only willing to say that there would be consequences and debts that must be take into consideration that are related to your rise to power. Needless to say fans of the first games will definitely want to get there hands on this one. Too bad you are going to have to wait until, literally, the very last day of the year to get it.

Source: G4TV

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