Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dive Without Leaving the House with Endless Ocean

Dive Without Leaving the House with Endless Ocean for Wii

Ever dreamed of diving into the ocean and swimming alongside sea creatures, but don't have the time money, or maybe you're just scared of sharks? Never fear! With the new Wii game, Endless Ocean: Blue World, you'll be going on a diving adventure right from your own living room.

The game, which will launch on February 22, 2010, and takes Nintendo's Endless Ocean series to a new level with new features and elements and hundreds of new marine animals and adventures.

You can play along with a "choose your own adventure" like story that involves Oceana, a girl who in on a mission to investigate the "Song of Dragons," just as her father, an ocean explorer, was before his death. Advance the story by exploring underwater environments.

If you'd rather not play the story, you can investigate various environments from around the globe and find out information about creatures of all sizes. You can also interact with some creatures. Train dolphins, send out pulsar waves to calm sharks and crocodiles, or heal sickly fish. You can even sell salvaged item and buy coral to attract new species to reefs.

Cammie Dunaway, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Nintendo of America said in a statement, "Endless Ocean: Blue World gives Wii owners the chance to take a round-the-world vacation from the comfort of their living rooms. With exotic locations and hundreds of new marine animals to encounter, the game’s adventures are as vast as the ocean itself.”

The sequel to the original game, Endless Ocean: Blue World has enhanced graphics, more captivating creatures, and engaging story mode, and even an option to use the Wii Speak microphone to chat with other players who are online, playing the game via WiFi, making the game the ultimate social experience. Go on a cooperative dive with a friend from another country and talk while you do so.

The game is set to sell at $29.99 and comes bundled with the Wii Speak microphone.

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