Friday, August 28, 2009

MLG Dallas Predictions

Tonight is the 3rd stop on the 2009 Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Event in Dallas, Texas. Where top Halo 3, Gears of war 2, and World of Warcraft teams will be competing for a $20,000 first prize! After the last event in Columbus, there have been some drastic Halo 3 team changes; Team Carbon picking up Walshy, Instinct picking up GH057ayame and StongSide comes back to Final Boss. I feel that STR8 Rippin is coming into Dallas stronger than ever. These four guys live together and practice everyday. Snip3down is at his prime level going into Dallas, after watching his recent gameplay he has become one of the most skilled and diverse players on the circut. Also there are some up and coming AM teams that I have my eye on, such as, Under the Influence, which includes 4 very individually talented players; TalenT, TwYLighT, BaTMaYnE, and a Pure Gangster. I feel a top 16 placing for this team. I have been following BaTMaYnE’s gaming career because I have known him for a very long time from Shadowrun, and I know that he has the potential to eventually be on a top team.

1. Str8 Rippin (Tsquared, elamitewarrior, Legit, Snipedown)
2. Triggers Down (SK, Hienz, Hysteria, Pistola)
3. Final Boss (FearItself, OGRE 2, Victory X, StrongSide)
4. Carbon (ShocKWav3, Defy, Naded, Walshy)
5. Classic (Soldier187, Chig, Defy, Naded)
6. Instinct (Neighbor, Lunchbox, Roy, GH057ayame)
7. Status Quo (FlamesworD, Totz, Ace, Clutch)
8. Believe the Hype (Cloud, Demon D, Soviet, Sypher)

Gears of War 2 has experienced some recent changes that required adjusting to before Columbus. One of them being the transition from the hammerburst, to the lancer. I feel that the NSAN3Z are going to be on top in Dallas, they are a very strong and consistent team, and I feel like they are going to dominate the competition. Some of my favorites going into this event are, AmazYn (Arctic, Orange, Skyllus, Calinorth). I have known these guys since 2007 when I met them in Cincinnati at a local LAN. Another team I feel is going to do well is Team Infinity. Infinity has 2 very talented players; ZeroXceL and Genetix. I feel that the combination of these two is going to be ridiculous.

1. The NSAN3Z (Killa, Predator, NIckmercs, GoD6o3)
2. MbN: The Business (Prospect, JaeMercs, Zkiller, Prison)
3. Legacy (Jribs, Perfect Uno, Terror, Fallout)
4. AmazYn (Arctic, Orange, Skyllus, Calinorth)
5. Infinity (Genetix, Atmo, Requiem, ZeroXcel)
6. Raw Talent (Spawn, Deadly, Cubano, CrReam)
7. pT Retaliation (Bullet, Rain, Shocka, Drix)
8. vVv Vision (Puff, tSinc, Franchise, Mephisto)

Madden 2010 and Fight Night Round 4 for the Playstation 3 was recently added to the circuit for this event. There has not been a set player list that is competing at Dallas. All players that have a spectator pass will be able to play Fight Night Round 4. But I have a feeling that if Arctic, from Team AmazYn competes in the FNR4 tournament, that he will be the winner because he was a top player in Fight Night Round 3, competing at the top levels in WCG.

I am hoping that MLG Dallas is going to go down as one of the best events in a long time because of all the roster changes and new AM teams that I am looking forward to seeing. You can watch the event live tonight and the rest of this weekend on the Major League Gaming website.

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