Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Guitar Hero: Van Halen with Purchase of Guitar Hero 5

Activision's annual Guitar Hero game is set to come out in a couple of weeks and Activision really, really wants you to buy it. When Guitar Hero started, it was a simple guitar based rhythm game that had some great songs for you to rock out to. But the franchise has grown at an incredible rate and is cranking out a new title game almost yearly. But one of the biggest things the franchise has done is the creation of band specific titles in the series. It started with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for the PS2. This game let you play as the actual band and you played their songs and helped them reach fame. A few years passed and Activision busted out it's second band specific game with the highly anticipated Guitar Hero: Metallica. This game took off and sold many copies worldwide and is one of the most popular games in the series. Not long after Guitar Hero: Metallica was released, Activision announced it's next band specific title introducing Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

The internet and respective gaming sites have been buzzing about this game for a little bit now. The song list has been released and it is comprised of some of the best songs from the bands long, iconic career. But before the fans can get there hands on Van Halen they are going to have to look over and play through Guitar Hero 5, Activision's newest installment in the series. However, if you aren't really interested in GH 5 and just want to get your hands on Van Halen then you might want to pick up Guitar Hero 5 anyway. Why you might ask? Because if you pre-order Guitar Hero 5 or buy specially marked games in September then you can receive a free advanced copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

No, you heard me correctly, a FREE copy of the Van Halen installment in the Guitar Hero franchise. When this announcement first came out, it was unclear as to how long people would have to wait to get their free copies of the game. However, Activision has put the deal in perspective for us saying "This is a gift with purchase, so it applies to anyone who purchases the game before the set date. As long as you purchase the game in September (which includes all pre-orders, past and present) you will get a copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen. This is a mail-in offer that allows people the chance to get the game prior to it being available at retail. There is no cost associated with this gift with purchase offer."

So there you have it, two seemingly great Guitar Hero games for the price of one. Even if you are not a big fan of the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 the offer of a totally free Guitar Hero: Van Halen game should be prize enough for some of you out there. You can visit the Guitar Hero: Van Halen Free Offer Official Website to get all the details or to pre-order your copy now. Guitar Hero 5 officially comes out on September 1, 2009 with Guitar Hero: Van Halen debuting December 22, 2009.

Source: G4TV

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