Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Top 5 Most Ridiculous Video Game Characters

Every so often a video game character comes along that is so outrageous, so over-the-top, and so ridiculous that you can absolutely never forget them. Even though some of the best characters are subtle, well-realized persons, those that take the extreme factor to the next level are a hell of a lot of fun. But this isn't always a bad thing. Some games have tread so carefully that their characters are boring and not fun to play. While there are many crazy characters to pick from here are 5 of the best.

Bayonetta - Bayonetta is a super-sexualized witch that was designed by Mari Shimazaki. Shimazaki was told by developers to make a modern, female witch with four wearable guns. Forget the thought of a witch in a black dress, pointy hat and green skin ready to boil children into stew. Bayonetta wears her as both clothing and as a sentient extension of her fighting abilities because everything has to be to the max with her. Backflipping through the air, shooting guns attached to her high-heels at the armies of Heaven would probably be enough, but Bayonetta 2 (yes, the made a sequel) sees the title character wearing freaking chainsaws on her feet and using them to skate through reality and the afterlife.

Sephiroth - The main villain from Final Fantasy VII is both the inspiration of thousands of online usernames (one of my personal friends included) and probably the most well-known villain from the entire Final Fantasy series. Sephiroth fell from grace as a former super-soldier who was held in high regard by his peers and wields a seven-foot katana. His flowing, silver hair is a testament to his cold heart, which is escalated by the fact that he thrusts that massive sword through the chest of one of the main characters. Sephiroth brought new meaning to evil in a very super-villain way. All he wanted was the Black Materia, which would grant him a spell that could shatter planets and, well, kill every single person.

Trubbish - There are a lot of weird Pokemon out there, but Trubbish takes the top spot. This Pokemon is made entirely out of garbage......he's literally a trash Pokemon created when a chemical reaction occurred between an abandoned trash bag and industrial waste. That is the official origin of this.....thing in the Pokedex. Seriously, guys, I can't make this up, I'm not that good. Why in the world would you want to keep a poisonous pile of trash around?

Duke Nukem - There are literally only two things Duke Nukem is capable of doing: kicking ass and chewing gum.....and he's usually always out of gum. Duke Nukem is the video game personification of every single action hero from the 80s rolled into one macho, ass-kicking, over-the-top killing machine that is always around to save the world or spend time with the ladies. His ability to carry more weapons than humanly possible, more ammo than a 747 and more cigars than the nation of Cuba makes him the man's man of over-the-top video game characters.

Trevor - Grand Theft Auto has always been known for wild and crazy characters but the most recent sequel in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, broke the crazy mold with Trevor, one of the three main playable characters. Trevor not only looks the part of a deranged, psychopathic murderer but also plays the part with brilliance. Trevor is unsettling, cold-blooded, and only capable of two emotions: anger and amusement. His trailer park tendencies come to light with the company he keeps, the drugs he sells and the ridiculous jeep he drives. Sure he may suffer from a little PTSD but there's no mistaking the fact that a guy who chops up a person and tries to stuff them down the toilet is anything but insane. The fact that Trevor takes pure, unadulterated joy in the destruction, mayhem, and murder he causes only amplifies the whole situation.

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