Monday, July 21, 2014

Are You Ready To Face Your "Destiny", Or Just Go Back To The "Borderlands"?

No matter how old I get, I know for a fact that I will always be a gamer deep down inside. It's just who I am now. I'm extremely passionate about it, and like most gamers, I'm constantly demanding something new to catch my attention. The release of the PS4 and Xbox One saw very few title releases, but then again, developers didn't have access to the new technology to adequately make things happen quickly enough. That's why most of the games that we've seen have been a bit... lacking. The games will only get better from now on, but the ideas might still be borrowing. What I mean by that is that games might be losing a bit of their originality. The stories may be different. The worlds may be different. The guns may even be "different". That doesn't mean that the overall mechanics and ideas of the games have changed. One such game that might be suffering from this is the new game Destiny. The concept is almost like that of the popular Borderlands franchise.

This is a game that ALL gamers should be familiar with at this point. The Beta has just recently been released and you better believe that all of the game forums like Gamespot and IGN have already been given access so their employees can try it out. The idea of having a game with a gun upgrade system like this just means that shooter fans will be in heaven. The game is on a huge version of Earth that has been taken over by different alien races and factions. The player has to help protect the last human city on Earth, all while surviving and growing the skills of their character. They pick the class and skill sets, and as I said earlier, upgrade their guns in many different ways. The other bonus? It's on the next gen consoles! You can still play on the last gen PS3 and Xbox 360's. That's fine. But don't you want to look at the better graphics?

Borderlands is one of my all time favorite games. You play as one of four different characters, each possessing their own set of skills and special abilities. The game advertises "bazillions" of guns, and boy do they deliver! The guns seem to be endless and different in so many ways, not to mention how the brands of the guns play a big role in how much damage, fire rate, accuracy, and more that the gun puts out. The game is set on the planet of Pandora and lets the player go out as a mercenary to work for anyone that will accept him or her. Just about everything and everyone is an enemy and the maps are pretty big in themselves. The game's only real drawback is, possibly, the design of the guns and the animation style of the game. The comedy is definitely there however. It's only available on the last gen systems as well. All of this sounds... familiar though, doesn't it?

The Comparisons
  • Both games showcase many different guns.
  • Both games have different classes of characters to pick from, each with their own skill sets
  • Both games take place in a "desolated wasteland" type of environment fighting aliens
  • They both put heavy emphasis on character growth and the guns that you use
  • Both have damage counters
  • They are both essentially RPG shooters
The Differences
  • Destiny is on both next-gen and last-gen, while Borderlands is only available on the last-gen consoles
  • The animation styles of the games are very different
  • The gun upgrade system in Destiny is a bit more in depth than the guns on Borderland
 Both of these games look amazing and play just as well as they look. It really is up to the discretion of the player, but I personally feel that Destiny might not be offering as much of a breath of fresh air as most people think. That's not going to stop me from playing it though.

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