Sunday, March 2, 2014

Final Fantasy Tactics Designer Is Making A New RPG

Yasumi Matsuno is the original designer for the legendary game, Final Fantasy Tactics. He has put together a small but qualified team to tackle his new project, Unsung Story: Tale Of The Guardians. The game is basically looking like its going to be a Final Fantasy Tactics clone, or maybe a successor of FFT is a better way to put it. So far, everything is looking pretty awesome. He launched a Kickstarter to raise the funds, and ended up meeting the minimum goal of $600,000 to get the project started. The project hit the right media channels to go viral, and there wasn't much of a problem with meeting the goal.

The bad news is that even with the amazing idea and foundation, there is a huge possibility that this game is still going to be lacking severely in funding, which could make for a sub par game with a great idea behind it. The big goal that everyone was hoping for was $2.25 million for the game to be a huge success with all of the content and features the fans want. With the funds raised, it's looking like we are going to get a more casual game that will be mainly for Android gaming. Hopefully, the 2 million dollar difference wont make as much of an impact as we all think.

The whole team behind the game is made up of 6 people, and that is probably how the $600k will be divvied up. If there was more money involved, different aspects of the game could have been outsourced, which probably would have led to a few more features and assets which will now be on the shoulders of the 6 person team and will also probably sub-par or overlooked. Outsourced aspects of the game would have included localization, porting, and music. We all know the music is one of the biggest things for Final Fantasy games. All of these aspects would be what could make the game console worthy.

Now, we are certainly dealing with a very basic game that is clearly targeting the Android/iOS markets. There have been a few hints about side quests and add ons. The game will likely cost $30, or $20 on sale. This is probably going to hurt the game, because most smartphone gamers are used to spending no more than $10 on games, and $30 for something you can only play on your phone seems a bit absurd.

But, if they actually over-deliver on this game and give it a huge, amazing story line like every Final Fantasy game has had, then the hype may grow for this game. If buzz gets around, then people probably wouldn't have a HUGE issue paying this much for a great RPG. Everyone has high hopes for this. If you are going to announce that you are making a successor to any Final Fantasy game, you had better fully know what you are saying and understand what the fans are expecting.
This could be a huge win, or a huge fail just as easily. Only time will tell. But either way, it is very exciting news and gives us all something to look forward to.

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