Wednesday, January 16, 2013

God of War: Ascension Anticipation

Although Kratos has usually been a violent, angry, and maniacal murderer on a warpath, seeking only vengeance against the gods, this is not the case in the latest installment of the God of War franchise. God of War: Ascension takes players through the part of Kratos’ life in which he is evolving from man to demi-god. Players will see into Kratos’ humanity as opposed to the other God of War releases in which Kratos took pity on no one. This story will be of a man that transitions from kindness to violence and rage. I prefer the violent Kratos, but I am also with those who are anticipating the arrival of God of War: Ascension.

The multi-player feature in ascension is what intrigues me most and I think will be a big surprise to players. An intense battle for FAVOUR (experience) ensures players will need to use teamwork and tactics to defeat their opponents and earn enough to become a champion of the gods. Opening chests, capturing altars, and of course dismembering your enemies all earn your team FAVOUR. The shockwaves of intensity from the gameplay does not stop even after match one beta tester blogged. “Even a full 10 minutes after exiting the multiplayer beta of God of War: Ascension I still have a slight shake in my hands from the tension and the created adrenaline, which is a testament to the quality of the experience.”

Shown at the Sony E3 press conference in 2012 the single player demo begins with beasts charging Kratos while he uses his blades of chaos to mutilate them.

We still have roughly three months until the release of God of War: Ascension and I personally am biting my nails in anticipation.  This game will not only take us deeper into the life and logic of Kratos, but also let us lose ourselves in a multiplayer experience unlike most out there.

Source: Softpedia - Quick Look: God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta - with Gameplay Video

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