Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EA Source Hints at New Dead Space Games

Dead SpaceIf there is one thing I love, it is a good ol' fashioned video game rumor. While not all rumors turn out to be true, unfortunately, the sheer possibility of their reality is enough to tickle your imagination for months. The most recent video game rumor comes from Kotaku and the sites unnamed Electronic Arts insider. We all know that secret insider contacts are sketchy at best but Kotaku is a pretty reliable gaming outlet and whenever a rumor drops on the site, people's ears perk up.

This new rumor has to do with a new first-person shooter, space-based flight combat sim or, possibly, an adventure game a la Uncharted set in the universe of Dead Space. Kotaku's source has explained that the brass at EA commanded the Dead Space team to go bigger and badder with the creative property in order to bring it to a wider audience. This of course means FPS, something that the insider says is being actively worked on. In addition to that, a space simulator and adventure game are supposedly being worked on.

These are some pretty outlandish rumors, though Kotaku does have a pretty decent track record this year with its insider source. What's more is that the past six months has seen the leaking of a lot of information about the next Dead Space game so who knows, we all may be in for a surprise.

The first bit of leaked information came in the form of a logo and some artwork for Dead Space 3. This was a result of a sneaky camera guy who managed to capture the footage while taking a studio tour. Less than a week later some plot details followed which revealed that the game's setting is supposedly the ice planet of Tau Volentis. And as if that weren't enough, even more content leaked as to what happened to Isaac Clarke leading into Dead Space 3 and who he will be meeting in his next nightmare.

Do you think possible expansions of Dead Space into other genres is a good idea? Or do you think the property should stick to third-person survival horror games like the previous two? Who knows, maybe we will get both a Dead Space 3 as well as a new FPS or adventure game (fingers crossed).

Source: - Dead Space Getting An FPS? A Flight Combat Sim?! An ADVENTURE Game?!

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