Monday, October 17, 2011

Critics Claim COD is Simply "Cutting and Pasting"

Call of Duty is considered one of the most successful gaming franchises of the past decade or so, but recently it has been facing some criticism surrounding Modern Warfare 3. Some critics are saying that the franchise simply uses the formula from the previous game and essentially cuts and pastes the previous version, makes a few minor changes and sells it as a “new” game. Well, according to the general manager of Sledgehammer Games Glen Schofield, this is most certainly not the case.

Schofield sat down for an interview with CVG and replied to the current accusations of the critics.

"If you put Modern Warfare 2 next to Modern Warfare 3, you would see a huge difference," he said. "Look at all the character models, look at all the gun models, look at the reflections, look at the water. There is so much that we've added, so when someone says 'cut and paste', I don't even want to talk to them because they don't know. They just don't know. They have no idea."

“I need to make sure that the millions of people that played Modern Warfare 2 will pick up this game, notice that it's better, notice that it's bigger, that there's more in it, that there's more polish, all that stuff.”

"I've worked on a lot of engines over my lifetime and spent a lot of time putting graphics into them and this thing is Porsche," he continued, "and what I mean by that is that it is stream-lined, everything in it is perfectly freaking clean. You can tell it's been worked on for years. It's easy to upgrade."

"On top of that you have what we added to the audio engine. Then there's a lot of stuff under the hood. People don't think about this but when you make your tools better and you can iterate twice as many times, you make the game better."

However, graphics are not the only thing that has been upgraded. Schofield said that gameplay was definitely the primary focus for Modern Warfare 3.

"I've said this before - I'm not shipping an engine, I'm shipping a game. So that's why I'm going to talk about the game. You can talk about your engine all you want. It's not fun."

Many people have also criticized the games lack of an open beta, but Schofield said that he believed that Call of Duty XP was sufficient enough. "This game is so big between the campaign, the Spec-Ops and the multiplayer, there was so much work to do that I don't know whether [a beta] hit anyone's mind or not," he said. "We had XP and XP was in itself a way for thousands of people to play the game and for us to look over their shoulder and see how they were doing and how they liked it and that was really good."

So some people are criticizing Modern Warfare 3, but do you really think that will diminish the sales numbers for the game? I highly doubt it! The Call of Duty franchise knows what it is doing, and as Schofield said, Modern Warfare 3 should be very different from Modern Warfare 2. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on the latest Call of Duty game. It will be available on November 8, and all I can say is that I am counting down the days!

Source: IGN - Sledgehammer: Modern Warfare 3 Not a 'Cut and Paste'

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  1. Cut and pasted just like FIFA. Sure, you might polish it up a little, but I bet it'll be essentially the same when it comes down to gameplay- which is the important thing to hardcore gamers. It's the 12-year-olds that prefer graphics to gameplay. Sure graphics are great! But we're here to see Inception, not Skyline. And that is exactly what call of duty is going to become; something which is cheap to make thanks to a template, but still sells millions thanks to idiotic gamers.
    Noone is saying that the Call of Duty's weren't great games (IMO, COD4 was the greatest multiplayer game ever!) But, it's high time Call of Duty kicked the can.
    You can stick an 18 certificate on this game all you like activision, but we all know what age group really play this game now.
    RIP Call of Duty. I hope you don't get dug up for a hallowe'en special every year now Guitar Hero did.

    I W4LSH I