Monday, September 5, 2011

Special Edition Gold Wii Remote to Be Released

On Monday August 29, Nintendo announced that it will be releasing a special edition gold Wii remote. The remote will be included in the limited edition Zelda bundle that also includes the first run of Zelda: Skyward Sword and a CD featuring different arrangements of the Zelda theme songs that can be found in the Zelda games that have been released over the past 25 years. The package will be released on Sunday, November 20 and will cost $69.99.

If you don’t want to spend $70, Nintendo is offering just the game and the CD for $49.99, but if you’re already going to spend that, you might as well spend an extra $20 to get the special edition shiny, gold controller.

The controller was first introduced to the public at the E3 conference in June, but they didn’t give out any information about a release date or pricing. The remote was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, a prominent developer at Nintendo, and it features the Zelda 25th Anniversary logo.

Across the Internet there have been mixed emotions about the news concerning the limited edition package.

"Never mind that the Wii is on its last legs and people probably won't play any other games on it after this, they'll still hook people in with a new controller for the Wii even though the Wii-U is announced," wrote a commenter at GameSpot.

"This is a MUST BUY. All is forgiven NINTENDO," wrote a user at My Nintendo News. is news of, for and by SMBs! The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

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