Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Windows OS Created Within LittleBigPlanet

There are plenty of interesting things that intense gamers like to do with their games like create new characters, levels, etc., but it’s not every day that you see gamers creating entire operating systems within a game. Well, PlayStation users “Boss_Mob,” “SaggySackBoy,” tomatenbrei,” and “daFRED94” decided to all come together to develop the very first operating system created within a video game.

How did they do it, you might ask? Well, the four amateur developers used the PS3’s LittleBigPlanet’s built-in level creation tools to redesign what has been referred to as a “faithful homage” to the Microsoft Windows operating system. This design includes the Windows XP startup sounds, a working start menu, a recycle bin, and much more.

Now, of course this isn’t an exact replica of the Windows XP OS. It’s more of a mash-up of different Windows software. The creation from the four designers allows access to various aspects of the OS. You can do things like pull up “My Pictures” from the start menu with your working mouse cursor and bring up portraits of the various Sackboy characters that you have created. You can also do things like listen to music in your very own LittleBigPlanet-themed version of Windows Media Player that even includes working visualizations.

On top of everything, you can also play games within the game. Windows: LBP has two different exclusives games included with the OS like Windows XP has the ever so popular Minesweeper and Solitaire. These games from Windows: LBP, an asteroid-style shooter and a dodging falling blocks game, are available for users to play on the mock OS system within LittleBigPlanet.

Despite all of these incredible features included within LittleBigPlanet, the best feature is the working Windows: LBP Internet Explorer browser that can be utilized from within the game. All you need is a keyboard that hooks into your PS3. You can utilize the built-in “software” featured in LittleBigPlanet to run Google searches from within the game. Other than that, you can’t do much surfing on the Web, but who cares? I think that it’s just cool that you can even do a Google search.

One thing that you can do on the created Windows OS that you would not want to do on the real Windows OS: the designers made a way for players to “beat” the Windows: LBP level.

I think that this is absolutely incredible! I never would have even thought of creating an OS within LittleBigPlanet let alone actually figured it out. I don’t know who the guys are that designed the OS, but they are really creative and did an awesome job. The fact that you can actually do a Google search on a fake Windows OS system from within LittleBigPlanet is just really cool.

Click here to see the video that shows off the operating system that the LittleBigPlanet enthusiasts created. Now, the video does spoil the ending, so definitely watch with caution, but if you’re curious about the “Windows OS”, then you should check it out.

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