Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 5 Most Disappointing Games of this Generation

5. Red Steel
Red Steel is Disappointing
Back when the Wii was first coming out, Red Steel was being hyped up to be a unique first person action game which would utilize revolutionary gameplay to offer a unique experience of both swordplay and gunplay. That is until people actually played the game. The controls are unresponsive and the game is rife with bad dialogue and generic shoot-outs. Not to mention the majority of the game will be played gunning down thugs rather than epic sword duels with Japanese Samuraii. Oh, and the game looks absolutely horrible graphically, even for Wii standards. Looking back, Red Steel could have had so much potential as a successful Wii launch title that it makes you wonder if the creators even tried the first time around. All in all, the controls feel novel enough to make a mediocre shooter feel somewhat special.

4. Killzone 2

Killzone 2 has a rare distinction of being a disappointment even before being released. The announcement trailer rocked the gaming world and had every jaw on the ground in complete awe at the power and potential of the PS3. That was until gamers found out the trailer was really a pre-rendered video instead of actual gameplay footage. By the time Killzone 2 got around to hitting the shelves, gamers were already knee-deep in post apocalyptic shooters with pretty graphics like Resistance: Fall of Man and Gears of War which were well above just being "OK". For those that actually played the game, the graphics where bland, the gameplay forgettable, and the multiplayer made you want to smash a brick into your TV.

3. Prince of Persia

Now, lets get this straight before i'm torn apart by the dogs. I'm not talking about the original Prince of Persia, but rather the 2006 "reboot" which can hardly be called a game. Why the creators gave it the same name as the original is beyond me, but what I am sure of is how big of a letdown the game actually was. It basically plays itself and leaves you on the sidelines tapping "A" every other jump. The game doesn’t even let you die for crying out loud. The developers argued that they were simply skipping the “Game Over” screen that you would have to look at before trying again. Put simply, they missed the point of giving any consequences for mistakes made. Oh, and let’s not forget the great ending that's in store for you after having purchased all the Epilogue DLC. Wait. There is no ending? Lets just hope that Ubisoft will pretend this game was never made and go back to making another Sands of Time entry.

2. Final Fantasy XIII

For a game that was supposed to be the best RPG of all time, it sure is hard to even give FF13 the credit of being a good game. Sure, the game is beautiful with lush scenery and the cinematography is spot on. The game is simply amazingly gorgeous to look at. But looks can be deceiving, and Final Fantasy 13 is a master of deception. The first glaring problem you might encounter when playing FF13 is the grueling 20 hour linear point A to point B tutorial that you will have to trudge through. You will literally walk in a straight line for 10 hours fighting monsters and watching cutscenes and you might be halfway through the beginning of the game. RPGs should be expansive and rich in interactions with the in-game world and npcs alike. In my opinion there should also be some form of puzzles and secret areas to explore to break the up monotony of grinding through monsters. However, with FF13 you won't find any of this. You will notice a lack of towns and find yourself wishing the game had implemented an auto-walk system. The games battle mechanics leave much to be desired and some of the characters aren't as engaging as previous series. For a game thats supposed to keep you glued to your seat for 60+ hours, its pretty damn disappointing.
1. Spore

No video game has promised more to this generation of gamers than Spore. We were promised the most advanced simulation experience ever to be programmed and a groundbreaking evolutionary system. Instead, the evolutionary system we received would make most scientists gouge their eyes out. Again, we were promised the deepest, most fine-tuned video game involving evolution of all time. Instead of a comprehensive and immersive platform we got five completely different games from five completely different genres mishmashed so horribly together that even my 12 year old sister found the game shallow. We were promised a perfect blend of different gaming elements that would creatively replicate the evolutionary process of life. Instead Spore became a schizophrenic mess with out of out of placed puzzles, some sort of primitive RTS, and a horribly designed "open-ended" gameplay. The replay value was supposed to be unlimited but most gamers were so frustrated after creating their first creature that it was destined to never be played again. Nearly every aspect of Spore's release did not live up to the expectations that had been thrust upon it.

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