Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gears of War 2 Title Update 4

Gears of War 2Gears of War 2 was one of the hottest selling games in the world when it released on November 7, 2008. While the game itself gained high praise from the industry and gamers, many people were disappointed with how the Xbox LIVE multiplayer mode worked. Well Epic games and creator Cliff Bleszinski have heard the call of the gamers have just unveiled details for the games fourth title update for Gears of War 2.

Gears of War 2 is currently sitting in the fourth spot on the list of top played Xbox LIVE games, but the developers are hoping to put some more players online pretty soon with their new update. The fourth update for the game adds some needed gameplay elements as well as some exploit fixes so cheap gamers won't glitch there way around the game making it no fun for anybody.

The improvements for the game adds many improvements to the Horde mode. With this new update players will be able to collect multiplayer experience while playing Horde. The new ranking system added a great new way to show how good you were but was restricted to only gaining rank inhuman v.s. human games. With the update you will receive points for every wave completed on Horde gaining 50 points for every completed casual wave, 75 points for normal, 100 points for hardcore, and 125 points for insane. The update also allows you to restart from your current wave in Public Horde if your team dies. Previously in public horde, if everybody on your team died, you would have to restart from the first wave. Host players will also be able to boot players from the Horde match as well. One previous "cheat", if you can call it that, in Horde mode was the ability to gain 50 points towards your teams score by reviving a downed teammate. Players would allow their teammates to get down multiple times and revive them to artificially boost their score. Now in Horde, your team loses 50 points whenever a squad mate gets downed, canceling out that point bonus.

Other non-Horde improvements include support for the new campaign chapter "Road to Ruin" and also adds 13 new achievements worth a total of 325 gamer points for the new "Dark Corners" map pack. Among the improvements are some exploit fixes like firing the flame thrower while evading or mounting an object and general fixes like down but not out players to not appear as down to their teammates as well as some added features to how smoke grenades affect you. developers also added some balancing to the multiplayer. Now there will be a 30-second delay in map-based spawning for weapons and ammo at the beginning of a wingman match and there will be more future server-side balancing options.

Update 4 has not passed certification yet so there is no confirmed release date but considering the "Dark Corners" map pack comes out July 28th, we can probably expect to see update 4 pretty soon. For a full list of all the improvements and fixes check out the Gears of War 2 Update 4 homepage.

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